Michele Fabbricatore

Michele Fabbricatore

-Ceramiche d'arte-

In my work I join everything I like and feel passion for: from Calvino to “Orlando Furioso” (“The Frenzy of Orlando”), to mythological tales, all this interpreted and rewiewed with an ironic and surreal eye.
My mission is to take the most authentic and untouched part of myself, the one of the child, with no influences or schemes, the one that looks at the world with a dazed and amazed eye. To revive the gift of enchantment that’s is the base to beauty.
Feeding this treasure we all share inside is a desire and a task for my life and I hope my work will always transfer this value to others.

I work with Le sorelle since many years and our working relationship in recent times have been intensified to give light to major new projects.


Casey Languillon

Casey Languillon and Objet Trouvè
Passion, research and joie de vivre,
the recipe for success

"I discovered Le sorelle on a recent holiday in Tuscany and immediately fell in love with
their products, their simplicity and style is so refreshing.
Le Sorelle and Objet Trouvé have many things in common, most importantly we share the same philosophy, life and work is about family and producing beautiful products we want to share with our friends and customers.
My parents ran small family businesses their whole life, but I always had dreams of a corporate career.
This all changed when I saw my son for the first time, the inclination to go back to a career
of high stress and long hours wasn't there any more my life was now about my family and doing something I loved and truly believed in, so I went back to the family business
and Objet Trouvé was born.
We run our boutique importing business in Sydney, Australia. 
My office is Bondi Beach, but I married a French man so we have a French name.
Objet Trouvé is a French term meaning found object or found art.
While we have a French name the things we find are from all over the world,
beautiful things we've found in our travels and want to share.” (Casey Languillon)


Moes & Griet is a Dutch synonym for mother and daughter, and that is what we are.

Marion Wold and Annelot Lems, living in The Netherlands.
We shared a passion for interior, decoration and styling.

In the summer of 2010 we were on holiday in Italy when we first visited Le Sorelle, a beautiful little shop on the Anfiteatro in Lucca. It was there where we found the lovely Paper Bags of UASHMAMA®. We bought them and took them home.
Two years later we had so many positive reactions about these wonderful washable Paper Bags that we decided to ask to become UASHMAMA® distributor in the Benelux.
We simply took a plane to Italy and had a lovely meetings with the Marconi family. One thing was and is sure.. We all share the same feeling, passion and philosophy what we can do with the products. The Marconi’s family showed us how technique and old craftsmanship live side by side in UASHMAMA®.
We have found lovely Italian friends in the Marconi’s and we hope that the products have a long and prosperous future to go.  Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg give UASHMAMA® a very warm welcome.
Marion & Annelo

Pat & Jimmy

Pat & Jimmy
Our big family made in USA

From America with passion...or better from New York with love..from there come our American friends.  Because Le sorelle is also a place where beautiful and sincere friendships are born.  More than ten years ago, a friendship was born in the store in Montecatini Alto, since this is the theme of this story, with two people who then became an integral part of our family.  We're talking about Pat and James (better known as Jimmy), our American family, our big family made in the USA.  Two people who began to frequent and appreciate our products, so much that they have brought many things from Le sorelle to their American home.  They have transformed their passion for artisanal work and the quality of products made in Italy into a kind of philosophy of life.  In the rest of Italy there's a saying: "one takes after the one he resembles"...and we quickly found ourselves on the same wavelength.  This friendship is so great that we even entrusted to the attentive care of these two wonderful people one of the four sisters, Gemma, who spent over a year with them for her studies.  In sum, our lives are intertwined and ever since have not been separated, just like a real fellowship, despite an ocean that separates us.  Thank you, family Romano.

Filippo Brancoli Pantera

Filippo Brancoli Pantera
Area’s excellence
and photography art

The love we have for our Tuscan area is very strong and it was emphasized even
when we picked Filippo Bramcoli Pantera as the photographer for our photo shoot.
We were looking not just for a good photographer but also for somebody who could
be able to describe our world in the way we see it, and we found Filippo as the right
man to do it. Filippo Brancoli Pantera is a young talent from Lucca with an international personality.
Even if he’s not 30 yet, he is already well-know in Italy and outside our country.
He won some important awards like the International Photography Awards and one of his pictures is in the selection of the best 25 of the third millennium. filippobrancolipantera.com