The table for us is very important, Iíd say that itís fundamental if you think that, at the end, our whole life goes around it. A nice and cosy table and a good glass of wine represent the best harmony for every kind of meeting. You could find in our store a big choice of tablecloaths, (from the traditional to the more particular patterns), placemats, runners and kitchenware.


Even the garden, as the table, is a magic place that we like to furnish and make cosy. It's a place to live and share with the whole family. "Le sorelle" will help you to personalize it with simplicity and preciousmess, chosing among the terracotta and ferro battuto items or even just by wearing our aprons (as we did in the pictures), to work with practicalness but also glamour.


With our body we express our mood. In our store you could "cuddle" it with the ancient tuscan formulas made with the warm aromas from the tradition. When you pass the threshold of "Le sorelle", you get absorbed by the wonderful parfumes and colors of our soaps, shower baths, body milks and natural lotions, born to make you feel better with your body.


This is the product line in which we feel more linked to, because it espresses our whole family; it's irreverent and in its own way, like we four sisters are, but it's also elegant like our mother and simply brilliant like our faher, the creative. Uashmama is a unique and innovative project that has been finalized in a patent of a very particular material. This material comes from the paper world but the peculiarity is that it's washable and very similar to the leather. Made with this "paper" you could find in our store a lot of items like,for example, our famous bread bags.


The respect for the nature, the research of products that come from our tuscan tradition, the professionalism of our artisans who hand down, from father to son, ancient workmanship methods, our attentions to the details and the research of new technologies that go well together with the ancient traditions are some of the goals we try to achieve. The hide we use comes from slow processing techniques that  turn raw  materials in leather, in the complete respect of nature. This material, used for our pocket book, diaries, bags ans shoes, is able to make every item unique.


Breadwarmer: Nice piece of terracotta, round or heart shaped. Put it in the oven for 10 minutes and then in the breadbasket. I twill keep the bread warm!

Pieces of pottery: Plates, cups, mugs and also bottles, under plates; elegant and handmade products.

Pitchers and glasses: The glass is the protagonist, even better if it’s hand ground. We use it to make particular pitchers, glasses and bottles that make our table precious with a refined style.

Tablecloth and fabrics: Precious materials like cotton, linen and hemp cloth meet our natural colors.

As I’ve already written, the table is for us a magic place, warm, joyful and colorful. The success of a dinner, or of a dish itself, is a mix of different elements; the choice of a tablecloth, of the colors of a glass or of a plate instead of another one is important because it allow you to create the perfect harmony among the elements. In Le sorelle you can find hand block printed tablecloth, handmade plates by Tuscan artisans in their botteghe. Everything here has its own story, its added value.


Wicker baskets and bottle holders:  these are just some of the products you can find in our store, in a chic version.

Terracotta: the material used to make a lot of our products, like our cute bag-shaped pots and our bottle holders.

Fabrics: nice and colorful, for your tablecloths, aprons and dishtowels, to use outside in the garden. Don't forget the plain color aprons with our uashmama braces.

The garden is a place to live, to make comfortable and elegant. Le sorelle  has a lot of nice products to embellish it but also make it functional for every need; we have for example our porta zampirone (mosquito coil holder) made with terracotta, or the porta bottiglia (bottle holder), in terracotta  as well, that, thanks to this material, can keep the bottle cool.
For a perfect “choreography” for your garden, you can also find practical and resistant aprons and baskets, which are the right conclusion of this slice of life in the open air.


Products that satisfy every taste, respecting different types of skin:


our shower bath with 3 fragrances available: by the sea, honeysuckle and olive oil;

our body lotion with the same 3 fragrances. Make a choice following your nose or your heart!

Our vegetable and natural soaps that come in some fragrances like lavander, olive oil, lime tree, verbena and Toscana.

It’s important to feel good with our body because if it’s so, we communicate our positive mood thorough it and we look better! We can tell that our body is like our business card. That’s why we have to respect it using good products like Le sorelle has.

We follow this philosophy, trying to make our customers feel good, cuddling them with parfumes and fragrances.


Bread bag: It comes in 4 sizes and different colors (avana, white, grey, black, gold, silver…). You can use it for whatever, not just for the bread, because, remember, it’s washable!


Lampshade: It turns ordinary glasses into little lampshades. It comes in a lot of colors, plain or block printed.

Braces: They come in some colors like testa di moro (dark brown), blue, green. You can see them in our store on our nice aprons.

The last born in our “family”, Uashmama is an idea of the creative of our group, our father. He, thanks to his artistic sensibility and his connection with the research world was able to turn the raw paper into something new, very close to the leather. It looks and feels like leather but it’s paper. This project links tradition, craftsmanship and technology which worked together to create Uashmama, our innovative product line.

With this material we produce bread bags, shades, braces and nice tote bags, made with different colors and shapes. 



Soft leather, trated in a natural way, soaked in natural colors.

In Le sorelle you can find our agende, useful diaries for a quick note or to keep your memories always with you. They come in 4 sizes and different nuances: giallo senape (yellow- earth), verde bosco (dark green), rosso mattone (brick red) but also more “serious” colors like dark blue, testa di moro ( dark brown) and marrone cuoio  (light brown).

The leather we use for our diaries and bags is made with very old methods. The slowness of the processing technique brings raw materials to become leather, in the total respect of nature.

The leather we use for our diaries and bags is made with very old methods. The slowness of the processing technique brings raw materials to become leather, in the total respect of nature.